Coastal Grand DSG Pad

Owner: Coastal Grand CMBS, LLC
Location: Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Completion: January 2020

Sitework, ground improvement by way of 300 Rigid Inclusions (RI) plus pad prep and pavement for the new adjacent parking lot 100,000 SF. All stone, asphalt base, asphalt surface, standard curbs and gutters, new sidewalks, striping and signage. Installations for HDPE, DIP, Nyloplast Boxes, Junction Boxes, roof drain stubs, sewer lines and cleanouts, manhole conversations and alterations, tapping sleeves and valves, DIP fire lines and risers, backflow preventers, domestic water supply lines, irrigation water supply lines, fire hydrants. All design and construction for the deep foundation work including the design, performance responsibility and liability of the deep foundation system and Rigid Insulation (RI) to support building foundation. All utility relocation for RI installation including existing subgrade electrical mains still in use, existing domestic water, existing fire lines and other obstructions. Installations of new TX Pad, electrical conduit stubs to building, phone/data conduit boring to ring road under parking lot. Final grading, engineering and survey certifications for tenant turnover.

Drill Rig at site of Coastal Grand Mall